James David.  Have credit will use it. 

    In elementary school I got my first camera.  It was a very compact plastic affair that took small 110 film.  I felt like a spy.  This camera came with me to Jamestown, Virginia for a school trip and I spent the time acting like a spy - darting in and out of this, tumbling for cover behind that - until this very polite little lady dressed like a 15th century milk maid asked me to stop.

But it wasn't until I had kids that the "photography bug" bit me with a vengeance.

It doesn't take long before an aspiring serious amateur realizes that photography is pricey.  Very pricey.  Like, strain on your marriage kind of pricey.  Couple this with an unhealthy obsession for quality, mix and let simmer for 7 years and here I am - selling knick-knacks from other hobbies to pay the pusher behind the counter downtown.  According to my therapist I also exhibit a "chronic and compulsive dependancy" on used gear forums and eBay.  But what does she know, she's 8 and spelled dependency wrong.

I love photography.  All kinds of photography.  I like talking about it and discussing techniques, even techniques I have no interest in using myself.  Teaching is especially fun.  Nothing beats teaching someone how to do something and watching their face light up when they successfully do something new. 

And I love taking pictures.

With this blog I intend to think out loud sometimes.  Even the "how-tos" will probably be more narrative in style, as opposed to step 1, turn the camera on, step 2, etc.  And I'll probably use an ellipsis or 10 and maybe even in places where one isn't grammatically proper.

I hope you enjoy your stay...